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U.S. Debut of Marina Abramovic Institute Exercises;

Marina Abramovic Institute at Mana:
A 72-Hour Continuous Workshop
from October 16-19th, 2014.

This groundbreaking event is the U.S. debut of a Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI) workshop and will take place at Mana Glass Gallery, a 50,000-square-foot column-free exhibition space on Mana
Contemporary’s Jersey City campus.

During her 40-year career, Abramovic has developed a series of exercises that encourage participants to test their endurance, concentration, mental and physical limits, perception, self-control, and willpower. A selection of these, titled MAI Exercises, will be led by trained instructors at this event.
During this workshop, the public is invited to abandon modern-day distractions and explore the boundaries of body and mind. Participants will turn off their mobile devices and enter an immersive environment. Exercises will include “Counting the Rice,” “Looking at the Colors,” “Slow Motion Walk,” and “Mutual Gaze.” The event will be live streamed and participants will be encouraged to chronicle their experiences.

Tickets will be available for purchase online (www.mai-mana.com) beginning August 29, 2014. Tickets will be sold in 12-hour windows ($50 each) and participants are encouraged to stay for six hours or longer. Proceeds will benefit MAI.
“This workshop will be a collective performance as well as a solo journey for each person who participates,” says Eugene Lemay, President of Mana Contemporary. “We are honored to host the work of the Marina Abramovic Institute as it takes the next step forward in sharing Marina’s artistic ideals with a larger audience.”

About Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI)
Is a platform for immaterial and long durational works. MAI is an incubator for education and collaboration among humanities, arts, sciences, and technology. MAI Hudson, when complete, will be home to a series of exercises designed by Marina Abramovic over the course of 40 years to explore boundaries of body and mind.

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"11/9/2014 Gmail - Marina Abramovic and Mana Contemporary announce Marina Abramovic Institute at Mana: A 72-Hour Continuous Workshop"

About Mana Contemporary
Mana Contemporary is a leading arts destination with locations in Jersey City and Chicago.
Studios, exhibition spaces, art services, and programming provide an unparalleled environment for creating and experiencing art. By exposing and exploring the artistic process, Mana Contemporary offers an exciting way to discover and learn about art while artists are enabled to experiment and collaborate across all disciplines, forms, and media.
Mana Contemporary is home to the Richard Meier Model Museum, Gary Lichtenstein Editions silkscreen studio, the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation, the Middle East Center for the Arts, Shen Wei Dance Arts, the Keating Foundry, and more.
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Press Contact for Mana Contemporary:
Selena Ricks — Public Relations Director
T. 201.484.1495 ext. 672
888 Newark Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Press Contact for MAI:
Maria Sprowls — Press Director
T. 212.255.1205

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